Wellcome to undersea adventures.When on holiday,why not take this marvellous opportunity to have some fun with this unique underwater adventure in Cyprus.You need no lessons or swimming ability,only a swimsuit,towel and a spirit of adventure.Its fun for all the family.

Walking on the sea bed

Take the opportunity to stroll along the Seabed in 10ft of clear turquoise water not only Can you observe the sea life as it swims around you but you also have the opportunity to hand feed the fish.
There is a constant supply of fresh air pummped into the helmet and there is no restricting regulator or snorkel causing you discomfort or anxiety.

B.O.B Ride

The underwater scooter,nicknamed B.o.B (Breathing Observation Bubble) allows you to see the underwater world with no diving experience necessary.
Once you are in the sitting position on B.O.B,your head and shoulders are encopsulated within and air bubble where a constant flow of air enables you to breath normally whilst you are cruising anlong and feeding the fish.